Let me start by underlining I wouldn’t be anywhere as a musician without my instrument. This seems like a basic need, but a lot of musicians can’t afford an instrument that would suit their level of playing. The incredible Nationaal Muziekinstrumenten Fonds (NMF) helps out by loaning instruments to over 400 musicians in the Netherlands.

Each instrument from their collection has it’s own page on their website with high quality images and information, each musician connected to them has a page too. You can read more about my cello, a Lef√®bvre from the 18th century, here. I choose this cello as I was attracted to its intimate and warm sounds in the first place, but later in turned out that it had a well projecting and clear sound in a big concert hall too: it was a match!

The NMF organises projects too, like the annual festival in collaboration with Natuurmonumenten in which musicians play in national heritage locations throughout the country. This year I’ll perform in this festival in Kasteel Eerde with the Chloe Trio, click here to book tickets.

It’s possible to support the NMF in their work and donate as it is a foundation with a charity status. Find more details here.