Teaching & Outreach

Besides performing Jobine also has an interest in teaching and music education.

Would you like to learn to play the cello?

Jobine has private students and also currently teaches at St. Paul’s Boy’s School as Visiting Music Teachers, and for the ECCO program ( Ethnic Contemporary Classical Orchestra) of Musiko Musika in the Lyric in Hammersmith. Find out more here.


“Jobine is an inspirational teacher; talented, insightful and articulate. She has both a profound understanding of music, and the cello in particular, and is able to convey this effectively with a teaching style that is always student-focussed and easy to comprehend, while never being condescending or difficult to understand.” – student Pete Fozard


She has an extensive work experience with the Sparks program of the Royal College of Music and has been teaching one to one and group lessons for a number of years now. She succesfully completed the L6/ L7 Instrumental Teaching modules as part of her Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies at the RCM. Below is a snippet from one of her statements, describing her principles and ambitions as an educator:

“ I aim for a of way of instrumental teaching that will give the pupil a package of knowledge and skills that are transferable to other areas of school and, in essence, life. A part, and practical side of that philosophy is to include Alexander Technique in my lessons. The psychological side of AT is interesting for instrumental teaching since it is based on non judgemental observations. Instead of telling the pupils what isn’t right or correcting notes/bowings/fingerings we focus on exploring more creative and subjective aspects of music. This approach can avoid a timidity in pupils and encourages creative problem solving.”


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