As part of my Mills Williams Junior Fellowship at the Royal College of Music I’m organising a project called the ‘Weinberg at 100 concert day’. There will be two concerts curated by me, at 5pm and at 7.30 pm in the Inner Parry Room at RCM on the 8th of December 2019. Composer Mieczyslaw  Weinberg, born in 1919 would have had his 100th birthday on the 8th of December 2019 and we’ re celebrating that by performing a selection of his large and impressive oeuvre.

In the summer of 2018 I first heard Weinberg’s piano quintet in a festival in Denmark. Not having heard his music before I was astonished and immediately attracted to his very specific musical language. 2019 as being the year that would bring his 100th birthday seemed like the right time to perform his music. When I started researching and listening to his compositions I became aware of his large oeuvre. So much of it is beautiful and special in its own way and choosing repertoire for  just two concerts was very hard. With these programmes I hope to show the diversity in his works from different periods and for different instrumentations.

The whole organization of this project as a Junior Fellow has been exciting and a big learning curve. I hope you enjoy this day and I look forward to hearing your reactions in between and after the concerts.

A special thanks to Daniella Rossi and Ed Denham from the RCM who help me organise this. I’m also delighted to collaborate with the following musicians for these concerts:

Trilogy Ensemble, Bethan Griffiths, Amy-Jayne Milton, Henrietta Hill, Alkyona Quartet, Jaclyn Rosenfeld, Shizuku Tatsuno, Silvestrs Juris Kalniņš, Emily Sierra, Magdalenna Krstevska, Roelof Temmingh, James Sholto, Carolina Blaskovic, Richard Thomas, Emma Purslow, Charlotte Saluste-Bridoux and Laeti Amodio.

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