We are very proud to present the first ediiion of the StringWood Festival 2020. As StringWood Ensemble (previously Pieter’s Angels) we are Artist in Residence and also organisers of the festival. We would like to invite you in the Openhof Kerk in Katwijk (the Netherlands) from the 27th-29th of February for four fantastic concerts. For more information please visit our brand new website: https://www.stringwoodfestival.nl/programma

If you are interested in supporting the StringWood Festival we would like to point out that this is possible through the ‘Club van 50’: By becoming a member you receive a Passe-Partout for the festival and you donate a small amount to the festival, for this you get in return: mention with your name in the programmes, reserved seats and a monthly newsletter about the festival. Look at our website for more information: https://www.stringwoodfestival.nl/club-van-50

We are grateful for the help of our partners Stichting Kattekse CultUren, Welzijnskwartier, Openhof Kerk and the Muziekschool Katwijk. We are also generously supported by Fonds 1818, VSB Fond, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Spaarbankfonds Katwijk, de Gilles Hondius Foundation and het wijkfonds.