Jobine Siekman



Dutch cellist Jobine Siekman, ‘Rising Star’ artist in the Dec­2020 issue of the BBC Music Magazine, is quickly building her career as an exceptional chamber musician and soloist. She was a prize winner at the Cellobiennale Amsterdam Competition 2016 and with ensembles like the Alkyona Quartet and the Chloé Trio. 

In 2019 she was awarded the Mills Williams Junior Fellowship supported by the Royal College of Music in London. Previously she completed a Bachelor degree there with first class Honours with professor Melissa Phelps and she obtained a Masters of Performance diploma with professor Richard Lester.

Last October she was featured in the ‘In Focus’ film by the RCM performing the sixth Bach Suite on the ‘Amaryllis Fleming’-Amati cello piccolo. Previously she played the second Bach Suite at Wigmore Hall as part of the RCM String Showcase concert. BBC 3 broadcasted her performance of Webern’s 2 pieces for cello and piano. Jobine was awarded second prize in the Young Music Talent of the Year Competition (2011) and the Anna Shuttleworth Prize in the RCM cello competition (2016). In 2019 she appeared as soloist with the Simon Bolivar Orchestra in the Schumann concerto under baton of Jesus Uzcategui. Previously she has also performed the Shostakovich, Haydn, CPE Bach and Saint-Saëns cello concertos.

Jobine is a passionate chamber musician and a member of several successful ensembles with whom she performs regularly in the UK and the Netherlands.

She joined the Volkmann Piano trio in 2016 and recently they have given concerts for the Supreme Court and in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam. Other highlights include solo and ensemble performances at Wigmore Hall, Cadogan Hall, Elgar Room in Royal Albert Hall, Leith Hill Place, and the Stoller Hall in Manchester. Last year the Alkyona Quartet released their first digital album with music by Janáček. Jobine is also co-founder of the StringWood Ensemble (since 2010), with whom she organises an annual music festival showcasing chamber music for strings, clarinet and piano in innovative and accessible ways. Jobine does not limit herself to the modern classical genre but also regularly performs in Latin-American band Quimantu and in ensembles on baroque cello.

She attended the Young Talent Class at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague from the age of 12, where she studied with Lucia Swarts and Dmitri Ferschtman. Jobine has also received lessons from Harro Ruijsenaars, Gary Hoffman, Johannes Goritzki, Frans Helmerson, Torleif Thedeen, Raphael Wallfisch and Anner Bylsma and Jean-Guihen Queyras. She has participated in the Schleswig Holstein Masterclasses, Holland Music Sessions, the Kronberg Academy cello masterclasses and Ticino Musica Festival. Jobine plays a Lefèbvre cello from the 18th century that she generously has on loan from the National Instrument Foundation.



15th January, 13:10

St. James’s Piccadilly, London

Alkyona Quartetworks by Ravel & Kruusma



19th of January, 19:30

Royal College of Music, London

Delphine Trio & friends ‘The warm-blooded Hindemith’



2nd of February, 20:15

Muziekgebouw de Vereeniging, Nijmegen (NL)

Ciconia Consort – programme ‘Muziek van de maestro’



3rd of February, 20:15

Concertgebouw, Amsterdam (NL)

Ciconia Consort – programme ‘Muziek van de maestro’



4th of February, 19:30

Dolgellau Music Club, Wales

Alkyona Quartet – programme ‘a Requiem for Fanny’



6th of February, 15:00

Nieuwe Kerk, The Hague (NL)

Ciconia Consort – programme ‘Muziek van de maestro’



9th of February, 19:00

Wathen Hall, St. Paul’s School, London

Alkyona Quartet – Masterclass & side-by-side concert



10th of February, 13:05

City Music Society, London

Alkyona Quartet 2000th concert anniversary concert



13th of February, 18:00

Royal College of Music, London

Delphine Trio – works by Farrenc, Brahms & Seiber



15th of February, 20:30

Limburgzaal Parkstad Limburg Theaters, Heerlen (NL)

Ciconia Consort – programme ‘Muziek van de maestro’



19th of February, 15:00

Groote Kerk, Maassluis (NL)

Ciconia Consort – programme ‘Muziek van de maestro’



20th of February, 15:00

Kamermuziek Oud-Avereest (NL)

Volkmann Trio – works by Haydn, Volkmann & Schubert



27th of February, 11:00

Elgar Room, Royal Albert Hall, London

Delphine Trio – works by Farrenc, Brahms & Seiber



11th of March, 13:10

St. James’s Piccadilly, London

Delphine Trioworks by Farrenc, Musgrave & Muczynski



15th of March, 19:30

Boston Music Club, Boston

Alkyona Quartetprogramme  ‘An uncertain world’ (Shostakovich, Schubert & Beethoven)



3rd of April, 11:00

Huize Gaudeamus, Bilthoven (NL)

Recital with pianist Ellyne Wieringaprogramme ‘Ode aan Pablo Casals’



15th of April, 20:00

‘t Mosterdzaadje, Santpoort-Noord (NL)

Recital with pianist Ellyne Wieringaprogramme ‘Ode aan Pablo Casals’



24th of April, 15:30

Jagthuis Kamermuziek, Nederhorst den Berg (NL)

Alkyona Quartet – programme  ‘An uncertain world’ (Shostakovich, Schubert & Beethoven)



27th of June, 12:30

Amstelpark, Amsterdam (NL)

Volkmann Trio – music by Schubert, Haydn and Volkmann

2nd of July – 20:15

Lourdeskerk – Den Haag (NL)

Ciconia Ensemble – Programme ‘Souvenir’

4th of July – 11:30

Vondelpark – Amstelpark (NL)

Ciconia Ensemble –  Programme ‘Souvenir’


9th of July – 19:00

Royal College of Music, Recital Hall – London

Delphine Trio – Farrenc Piano trio

11th of July – 13:00

Royal College of Music, Performance Hall – London

Delphine Trio – Farrenc & Lutyens trios as part of FestivAll

27th of July, 21:30

Cenacolo della Basilica di Santa Croce, Florence

Chloé Trio – Clarke trio as part of ECMA session in Fiesole

6th of August, 15:00 & 20:30

Ruïnekerk – Bergen (NH)

E♭doorn Duo – works by Boccherini, Barriere, Offenbach & Bartok

14th August – time TBC

Brel, France

Alkyona Quartet  – programme to be confirmed

16th of August – 11:00

Koninklijk Theater Carré, Amsterdam (NL)

Duo with Coraline Groen – ‘Rive Gauche’ as part of Grachtenfestival

21st of August – 17:00 & 20:00

Capital C, Amsterdam (NL)

Duo with Coraline Groen – ‘Rive Gauche’ as part of Grachtenfestival

25th August – 13.10

St. James’ Piccadilly, London

Recital with pianist Matt Lam – Beethoven & Rachmaninov

3rd of September, 20:15

‘t Mosterdzaadje, Santpoort-Noord

Delphine Trio & Maria Gilicel – works by Farrenc, Ravel and Gordon Bell

5th of September – 13:30

Sint Jacobskerk, Vlissingen (NL)

Recital with Valentina Tóth – Beethoven, Schubert and Röntgen

9th of September – 19:00

Lutherse Kerk, Groningen (NL)

Alkyona Quartet – Haydn, Schubert & Borodin

12th of September – 15:00

Oude Kerk, Voorburg (NL)

Alkyona Quartet – ‘Een dag met een gouden randje’ (Huygens Festival)

14th of September – 19:30

Beldam Hall, Repton Music School

Alkyona Quartet – in collaboration with Project String Quartet

22th of September, 13:10

St. James’ Piccadilly, London

Alkyona Quartet & Gamal Khamis – Brahms piano quintet

2nd of October, 14:00

Soefitempel, Katwijk (NL)

StringWood Ensemble – family concert Paradepaardjes


2nd of October, 20:15

Soefitempel, Katwijk (NL)

Volkmann Trio – ‘Volkmann plays Volkmann’

7th of October, 13:00

Foundling Museum, London

Chloé Trio – special programme inspired by the museum


8th of October, 17:00-21:00

Kasteel Eerde (NL)

Chloé Trio – ‘Give me Phoenix Wings to Fly’ (NMF Festival Weekend)


11th of October – 19:30

Ipswich School – UK

Alkyona Quartet – Ipswich School Festival of Music 2021


18th & 19th of October

Royal Overseas League, London

Delphine Trio – semi final of the ROSL Annual Music Competition


21st of October

Aylesbury Lunch Time Music

Alkyona Quartet & Gamal Khamis – Brahms piano quintet


28th-30th of October

Katwijk (NL) (Soefitempel, Vredeskerk & de Voorhof)

StringWood Ensemble – StringWood Festival 2021

6th & 12th November

Hampshire & Lyric Theater Londen

Quimantu & Alkyona Quartet – Misa de los Mineros

17th of November

Strathearn Music Society

Alkyona Quartet – Tunnel Trust Award Tour


18th November

Aboyne Arts & Theatre Development Group

Alkyona Quartet – Tunnel Trust Award Tour


19th November

Classic Music Live! Falkirk

Alkyona Quartet – Tunnel Trust Award Tour


20th November – 19:30

Ayr Music Club, Octagonal Hall

Alkyona Quartet – Tunnel Trust Award Tour


21st of November – 15:00

Cinema Newton Stewart

Alkyona Quartet – Tunnel Trust Award Tour


27th of November – 20:15

Grote Kerk, Wageningen (NL)

Solo with Symfonieorkest Sonante & Mark Snitselaar – Saint-Saëns cello concerto


28th of November

The Hague – Classical Now!

Volkmann Trio – Le boeuf sur le Toit


5th of December – 15:00

Museum de Buitenplaats, Eelde (NL)

Volkmann Trio – Volkmann plays Volkmann

8th of December – 13:05

Leeds International Concert Season

Recital – Beethoven, Weberm Wallen & Mendelssohn

16th of December – 12:30

Azijnfabriek – ‘s Hertogenbosch (NL)

E♭doorn Duo – works by Boccherini, Barriere, Offenbach & Bartok

Teaching & Outreach

Besides performing Jobine also has an interest in teaching and music education.

Would you like to learn to play the cello?

She has an extensive work experience with the Sparks program of the Royal College of Music and has been teaching one to one and group lessons for a number of years now. She succesfully completed the L6/ L7 Instrumental Teaching modules as part of her Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies at the RCM. Below is a snippet from one of her statements, describing her principles and ambitions as an educator.

“ I aim for a of way of instrumental teaching that will give the pupil a package of knowledge and skills that are transferable to other areas of school and, in essence, life. A part, and practical side of that philosophy is to include Alexander Technique in my lessons. The psychological side of AT is interesting for instrumental teaching since it is based on non judgemental observations. Instead of telling the pupils what isn’t right or correcting notes/bowings/fingerings we focus on exploring more creative and subjective aspects of music. This approach can avoid a timidity in pupils and encourages creative problem solving.”

She has private students and she currently teaches in the ECCO program ( Ethnic Contemporary Classical Orchestra) of Musiko Musika in the Lyric in Hammersmith. Find out more here.

“Jobine is an inspirational teacher; talented, insightful and articulate. She has both a profound understanding of music, and the cello in particular, and is able to convey this effectively with a teaching style that is always student-focussed and easy to comprehend, while never being condescending or difficult to understand.” – student Pete Fozard

Are you curious about learning to play the cello? Fill in the form below to receive an information package about my cello lessons and I will plan a consultation lesson with you.  I work with the Musician’s Union  code of practice. 

For rates and availability:

Volkmann Trio

The musicians of the Volkmann trio (Valentina Tóth, piano, Coraline Groen, violin, and Jobine Siekman, cello) have shared their passion for boththe famous and the lesser known piano trio repertoire since 2013. They met at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. The trio received master classes from e.g. David Dolan, Ellen Corver, Vera Beths, Michel Strauss, Richard Lester, Peter Brunt and David Kuyken. They won the Chamber Music Prize from the Royal Conservatoire in 2015. In the same year, they were invited by the Dutch embassy in Lithuania to play a concert in the National Philharmonic hall in Vilnius, and in 2016 they played for the Dutch embassy in Brussels. Last October they debuted in the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam. The Volkmann trio named themselves after Robert Volkmann (1815-1883), one of the more unknown composers the trio likes to stand up for.

Alkyona Quartet

The vibrant Alkyona Quartet is committed to bringing both well-loved and hidden gems of the string quartet repertoire to audiences, often in unusual presentations.

The quartet formed in London in January 2018, as a collaboration between Fellows, graduates and current students of the Royal College of Music and Guildhall School of Music and Drama. In the short time they have been together, they have performed extensively in and around London at the invitation of Billericay Arts Association, Music Talks Kensington; NW Live; The Foundling Museum; St James’s Church Piccadilly; Sir John Soane’s Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. They are enjoying performing internationally, including recently at the Stift International Music Festival, Holland and in France. They look forward to returning to Holland for a tour in Autumn 2020.

The quartet were first prize winners of the 2019 Royal College of Music String Quartet Competition and are 2019 Tunnell Trust Award Holders. They are pleased to announce a tour of Scotland in November 2020 organised by the Tunnell Trust. As a quartet they love approaching well-known quartet repertoire and finding more unusual ways to present it to audiences. They especially enjoy cross-collaborative projects, working with film makers, Indian Tabla player Kuljit Bhamra MBE, actress Saskia Reeves, composer Caroline Heslop and actor William Marquez. The quartet have studied with Richard Lester, Marc Danel, Ben Hancox, Rafael Todes, Catherine Manson, James Boyd and Mark Messenger.

Future quartet engagements include concerts at St Martin-in-the-fields, Lichfield Festival and a concert exploring ‘Music and Renewal’ with NW Live. In 2020 they look forward to releasing their first CD featuring Janacek’s ‘Intimate Letters’ and from January 2020 they are launching a residency in collaboration with the Leighton House Museum, London. They will be bringing events, concerts and workshops to this wonderful space. Also from 2020, the quartet is looking forward to starting mentorship with the European Chamber Music Academy and with NSKA with the Quator Danel in Holland.

Stringwood Ensemble

The StringWood Ensemble is an ensemble of young talented musicians, who like to share their love for (classical) chamber music with a broad audience, in theatrical concert programs. They combine their soloistic qualities in passionate ensemble playing on Dutch stages and abroad.

The ensemble was formed under the name Pieter’s Angels in 2008 during the tour of the Atheneum Chamber Orchestra of the Young Talent department of the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague to Santiago de Compostela. Clarinet, string quartet and piano is the line-up that was created at that time and still offers them the opportunity to choose a very varied repertoire, from duo to sextet.

The StringWood Ensemble has given concerts at a variety of venues and occasions, from the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam to living room and garden concerts. It also took part in various festivals, such as the Grachtenfestival Amsterdam and the International Chamber Music Festival Hoorn. From 2010 to 2018 the ensemble organised an annual mini-festival on the Island of Terschelling. In March 2020, the first edition of the StringWood Festival took place in Katwijk a/d Rijn in The Netherlands.

The musicians of the Stringwood Ensemble are violinist Emma Rhebergen and Eva de vries, violist Jurriaan Klapwijk, cellist Jobine Siekman, clarinettist Denise van Leeuwen and pianist and actress Valentina Tóth.

The Chloé Trio

The Chloé Piano Trio (Maria Gîlicel, Jobine Siekman and George Todica) was formed in 2017 by talented emerging musicians at the Royal College of Music, London. The trio has performed across the UK and in France, including at London venues, Charlton House, Royal Academy of Arts, Champs Hill (Sussex), Austrian Cultural Forum, Lichfield Festival, Banstead Arts Festival and Hargrave Festival, to name a few. 

In April 2018 the Chloé Piano Trio, back then known as the Daphnis Trio, was nominated by the RCM for the Birmingham Intercollegiate Piano Trio Competition and won the Third Prize. The repertoire of the trio ranges from Baroque and Classical periods to the modern and newly commissioned music. The Chloé Trio is also highly interested in the performance of works written by female composers, having already recorded Clara Schumann’s Piano Trio and Lili Boulanger’s D’un Soir Triste and D’un Matin Du Printtemps at Abbey Road Studios. 

The ensemble has received tuition from such high profile musicians as Norma Fisher, Lucy Gould, Richard Lester, Ben Hancox, Mark Messenger, Simon Lepper, Suzie Meszaros, Leonid Kerbel, and others. Recent concerts were at the Elgar Room (Royal Albert Hall) and a performance for HRH Prince Charles during his President Visit at the Royal College of Music.



About my cello

About my cello

Let me start by underlining I wouldn't be anywhere as a musician without my instrument. This seems like a basic need, but a lot of musicians can't afford an instrument that would suit their level of playing. The incredible Nationaal Muziekinstrumenten Fonds (NMF)...

TV Performance Podium Witteman

TV Performance Podium Witteman

On the 24th of January 2021 I appeared in the live TV programme 'Podium Witteman as 'Young Hero'-guest. I spoke about my trip to Venezuela back in 2019 and afterwards played the Courante from the third Suite by J.S. Bach. Listen to my performance of the Bach here:...

Volkmann Trio on Radio 4

Volkmann Trio on Radio 4

With the Volkmann Trio we performed live on (dutch) Radio 4 on the 10th of August in the programme 'Earbites'. This was part of the Grachtenfestival Amsterdam, for which we played a concert in De Duif on the 12th of August. We played excerpts from the piano trios by...

Cello piccolo project

Cello piccolo project

As part of my Mills Williams Junior Fellowship at the RCM I was going to give a concert in March with music for cello piccolo by Bach and composition students of the RCM. The instrument I was going to perform on is very special: a Girolamo Amati ‘Amaryllis Fleming’...

List of repertoire, update 2020

List of repertoire, update 2020

Jobine Siekman – cello repertoire, update 2020 CONCERTOS – solo with orchestra D. Shostakovich                        Concerto no. 1 in E flat major, op. 107 R. Schumann                             Concerto in a minor, op. 129 J. Haydn                       ...

Performing with Quimantu

Performing with Quimantu

I’m so happy to be part of this inspiring and fun group: Quimantu, and to play and learn about the music from South America with these incredible musicians. Below is some more information about the group, for concert dates visit our website:...

StringWood Festival 2020

StringWood Festival 2020

We are very proud to present the first ediiion of the StringWood Festival 2020. As StringWood Ensemble (previously Pieter's Angels) we are Artist in Residence and also organisers of the festival. We would like to invite you in the Openhof Kerk in Katwijk (the...


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